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Sites directly involved in fats and lipids


AFIDOL – Association pour le développement de la filière oléicole

Almond Board of California

Alphaomegatrial – Can cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by low-dose supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids ? 

Analysis of olive oils at Aberystwyth – Personnal page devoted to biophysical analysis and production of olive oil

Arabidopsis lipid gene database (Michigan State University) – Diagrams of acyl-lipid metabolism

Barleans’s Organic Oils – Borage and flaxseed oils

Benecol International – Margarine with stanol esters

Brassinosteroids – Review by Clouse SD in the Arabidopsis book

Bufadienolides of plant and animal origin – review by Steyn PS et al.

Byrdwell Craig web site (Mass analysis of phospholipids and vitamin D)

California Walnut Association

Canadian Canola Oil – Canola Information Site 

Canola Council of Canada – Canola Connection

Carotenoids Page

– Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Oléagineux Métropolitains 

Chevreul Michel-Eugène – Sa vie, son oeuvre 

Codex Alimentarius – General standards for fats and oils (Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme)

College-level course in lipids – Vermont University

Conjugated fatty acids – References (Pr Pariza web site)

Corn Refiners Association : Corn Oil

Cosmetics oil – Teco Finance Export (cashew, hemp and karité oil)

Craig Byrdwell Lipid site – Mass analyses of vitamin D and phospholipids

CREOL – Pilote d’études de graines d’oléagineux

CTVO-NET (Chemical-Technical Utilization of Vegetable Oils)-Funded by the European commission for the non food applications of vegetal oils, definition of the prospects of European oils.

DHA/EPA Omega-3 Institute – Objective Science-Based DHA, EPA, and Omega-3 Information, News, and Video Lectures.

Drug Therapy for Lipid Disorders – Medicine college of Wisconsin

EFA Education – Essential fatty acids

Eicosanoid Research Division @IGBM – Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of lipid signaling

Eicosanoids and Vascular Pharmacology

Essential Fatty Acids Home

Essential Nutrient Research Company – Flax information web site for human and dogs

Essential Oil University – R. Pappas web site and database

Essential Oils – Bo Jensen website (A small guide to Nature’s fragrances – aspects of the chemistry of the essential oils)

EUROCAROTENEuropean network to advance carotenoid research and applications in agro-food and health

European Biofuels Technology Platform

European Olive oil Medical Information Center

European Lipidomics Initiative – ELIfe: The European Lipidomics Initiative; Shaping the life sciences

Fats for Health – Essential fatty acid information and news

Fats of life – Information on fatty acids and nutrition. Complimentary subscription to a PUFA Newsletter

Fats You Need — Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids : list of composition and trivial names (AOCS Analytical Division)

Fatty acid trip – Adventures in high-EPA fish oil

FFA Sciences – Company manufacturing probes to measure free fatty acids

Fish Oil / Omega-3 Supplements: Benefits, Side-effects, and Dosage (blog of Rhonda Perciavalle)

FOSS – Food oil analysis

Functional Glycomics Gateway (a comprehensive and regularly updated resource for functional glycomics research)

Galactosylceramide – par J Fantini, Marseille, France

Genetic and Biochemistry Seed Lipids Group – Instituto de la Grasa. CSIC. Sevilla. Spain (Lipase software to calculate TAG composition)

GalCer (Galactosylceramide) – Pr J. Fantini Lab

GOED omega-3 – Global organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3

GOED Clinical Study Database

Group of Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids (GMCBL, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)

Groupe de Recherche et d’Etude des Médiateurs de l’Inflammation (GREMI)

Gunstone FD Home page

HDL forum – Peer reviewed analyses of recent clinical and basic scientific advances in HDL by internationally recognized experts

Individual fatty acid intakes – Data tables (1995)

Information on olive oil – INFO COMM (Market information in the commodiies area) – CNUCED

Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils – Resources relating to the edible fats and oils industry, including various published materials

Instituto de la Grasa – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Sevilla, Spain

Internation Carotenoid Society

International Fishmeal and Fish oil Organisation

International Health News Database : Fish and Fish Oil

TERG (French Institute for Fats and Oils)

Kansas Lipidomics Research Center – Lipid signaling/Lipidomics group, Kansas State University

Laboratoire de Biogénèse membranaire (Dir. René Lessire, Bordeaux)

Laboratoire de Lipolyse enzymatique (Pr R. Verger)

Laboratory of Marine Lipids – Institute of Marine Biology, Vladivostok, Russia (Pr AB Imbs)

Laboratory of Oxylipins, Institute of bioorganic chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences

Ladderane lipids

Le méditerranéen – Dietetics and olive oil

Links page for Lipids (PJ Barnes and Associates) 

LIPIDFORUM – Scandinavian forum for lipid research and technology

Lipid analysis unit – Commercial lipid analysis service (Mylnefield lipid analysis) and courses on lipids.  

Lipid Bank for Web – Searchable bank of various lipids – Japanese conference on the biochemistry of lipids

The Lipid Home  – Lipid essentials, mass spectrometry of fatty acid derivatives, literature surveys, blog

LIPID MAPS – Lipid Metabolites and Pathways Strategy – The site of Lipidomics

LipidProfiles (National University of Singapore, research and educational activities within the laboratories of Markus Wenk)

Lipid Research Group – Virginia Commonwealth University (Pr PP Hylemon : bile acids, nature and functions)

Lipid Search – Automatic system for phospholipids identification by various types of MS raw data file (Department of Metabolome, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo And Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co.,Ltd)

LIPIDAT (relational database of thermodynamic and associated information on lipid mesophase and crystal polymorphic transitions + molecular structures)

LipiDiDiet (European project on the Impact of Nutritional Lipids on Neuronal and Cognitive Performance in Aging, Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia).

LipidomicNet (database of the  Lipidomics Expertise Platform (LEP): a knowledge base managed within the EU Framework 7 project “LipidomicNet” in close collaboration with LIPID MAPS.

Lipidomics (European Lipidomics Initiative)

Lipidomics Core facilities (Hollings Cancer Center)

Lipidomics Expertise Platform 

Lipidomics Research Center (Kansas state university)-Service and scientific development components

LipidPofiles (Lipidomics and membrane lipids, University of Singapore, Basel, Lausanne)

Lipids (Research area of the Dept of Physics and Physical Oceanography – Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Lipids online – Information and educational tools on atherosclerosis and other lipid disorders. Baylor college of medicine, Houston.

Lipomics Technologies inc. – Lipid library (fatty acids, sterols)

Liposome Company

LISA (Lipids for Industry safety and Health) – CARNOT Institute


Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

Margarine and spreads association – UK

Margarine Institut für Gesunde Ernährung

Margarine on the web –

Martek Science for life – Marine oils

MASS SPEC – Mass spectrometry of lipids (service from Pittsburgh University)

Mass spectrometry of fatty acid derivatives

Mediterranean Book – The mediterranean life style

Membrane lipids (crystal structure) – Dpt of biochemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia

Metabolism of lipids (Indiana state university: The Medical biochemistry page)

Microbial ID, Inc – Service laboratory to identify bacteria by lipid analysis

Midi, Inc – Microbial identification systems and fatty acid analysis

MRS Lipid Analysis Unit

National Association of Margarine Manufacture 

National Institute of Oilseed Products (NIOP)

National Lipid Association (focused on enhancing the practice of lipid management in clinical medicine)

National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA)

National Plant Lipid Cooperative (NPLC)

Numega lipids (Tuna fish oil and marine fatty acids)

Oil technologist’s Association of India

Oil World – Forecasting and Information Service, News on oils and fats markets for Oilseeds, oils and meals.

Oleaginous products (Beghin Say)

Oilgae – A guide that provides a concise idea of the potential and challenges in the algae fuels industry. – Oilseeds WWW Database

Oils-Fats-Lipids Wiki (OFLWiki) of Euro Fed Lipid

Oleo- Fats Inc – Philippine’s number one supplier of specialty fats and oils

Olive oil: The oil and the health (Association du groupement des oléiculteurs varois)

Omega 3 and 6 News ONLINE – University of Mannitoba – Reference center and conferencing area dedicated to polyunsaturated fatty acids

Omega-3 Center – Centre of excellence in Omega-3 fatty acids for Australia and New Zealand

Omega-3 – Clinical trials (service of the U.S. NIH)

Omega-3 Index

Omega-3 Research Institute

Omega-3 Supplements/Fish oil : Benefits, Side-effects, and Dosage (blog of Rhonda Perciavalle)

Omega 3-6 Apps use Balance Scores

Oxylipin Profiling Database (Albrecht-von-Haller-Institutes für Pflanzenwissenschaften im Göttinger Zentrum für Molekulare Biowissenschaften)

OmegaQuant – Advancing the science and use of omega-3 fatty acids to improve health

Phospholipids online

Plant FA – Hundreds of FA synthesized by thousands of plants (developed from SOFA resources)

Plant Lipid Home Page (The home of plant oils on line)

Pôle Métabolome-Fluxome (Plateau technique de lipidomique)

Polymer Laboratories – Surfactants

PORLA Home page – Palm oil, nutritional facts

PUFA NewsLetter (Fats of Life)

Resorcinolic lipid’s page – Dr Kozubek laboratory. Occurrence, biological activities, practical information

Savon de Marseille – Fabrication – Histoire

SCI – Oils and Fats Group (Society of Chemical Industry, London) conferences and publications from the Society of Chemical Industry.

Site de l’huile d’olive (financé par l’UE) – Histoire, les différentes huiles, fabrication, conservation, emplois

Sea-oil (Extraction and production of fish oil)

Seed Oil Fatty Acid (SOFA) – Data base from the Institute for chemistry and physics of lipids in Münster

Seed oil translation table (AOCS Analytical division)

SoapCalc – website devoted to soap formulation

SOFA Database – Seed oil fatty acids (Max Rubner Institut)

Soya and Oilseed bluebook online (Information source for the oilseed industry)

SphinGOMAP – Sphingolipidomics

Stazione Sperimentale per le Industrie degli Oli e dei Grassi (SSOG)

Sterol metabolism in plants – Review by Benveniste P. in the Arabidopsis book

Studies proving the essentiality of n-3 fatty acids

Surfactants – References

Terpenes (cours en Français, Département Chimie Organique, Université Antanarivo)

The Good Scents Company vegetable oils Information

The Olive Oil source – Olive oil information and products

The Olive Press – Official site of Bertolli olive oil 

The Olive Tree World (History, Health, Recipes, Links)

The Omega Diet – Information on the Lifesaving Nutritional Program

Trans Fat Info Web page : Health issues and trans fat

The truth about omega 3 – Online source of information on tocotrienols

United Soybean Board

University of Oregon : Low fat products, fat replacers, fat substitutes, reduced fat

U.S. Edible Oil Industry – List of companies with web links (Institute of shortening and edible oils)

Vitamin D Society

Zamora Page on fatty acids in nutrition


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