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Companies involved in Scientific Research



ABB Bomen – FT-IR based laboratory analyzers for oleochemistry

ACD (Advanced Cell Diagnostics) – Breakthrough technology for in situ RNA detection

A.G Scientific, inc.

Alstem – Expertise in stem cell biology, including reprogramming of somatic cells

American Radiolabeled Chemical, inc.

Anachem – microLC equipment

Antec electrochemical detectors

Applied StemCell
inc – Advance stem cell innovation

Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd – Multi-step synthesis for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other industry, Coenzyme Q 10

BAS Technicol – Innovative Analytical Chemistry

Bruker Minispec – Solid fat content analyzer

Camag – Chromatography systems, Planar chromatography

CHEMCAD – Logiciels pour la chimie, spectroscopie et biochimie

Chemical Industries Manufacturers – compilation of chemical suppliers to easily source manufacturers for commodity and specialty chemicals by name or CAS registry number

Corporate resources involved in Life Science

DiaMed – Food Analysis Test System for refined and nutritional oils

Dionex (formerly Gynkotec) – Manufacturer of HPLC systems

ESA – Coulometric detection, 2-D gel Electrophoresis, Analytical services


Glycon Biochemicals GmbH – non ionic detergents, carbohydrates, glycosyl phosphates

Gynkotek HPLC

Hewlett Packard


Isco, Inc – Liquid chromatography instruments and Supercritical fluid extractors (FastFat HT)

Jasco UK Ltd (HPLC systems)

JMBS Developpements – Software for chromatography (Le spécialiste français des logiciels de chromatographie)

Justice Laboratory Software

Knauer – Analytical HPLC instruments

KnowyourDNA site helping to make a more informed DNA testing choice

Kamiya Biomedical Company

LC Packings (information for users working with capillary liquid chromatography)

Lonza, inc. – General chemistry

Machery-Nagel (products for filtration, chromatography and bioanalysis)

Merck Ltd (information on HPLC, GLC, TLC and biochromatography)

Metrohm Ion Analysis – Chromatography software

Mikrolab Aarhus – Chromatography (GLC, HPLC), OXYDOGRAPH

Oxis International – Diagnostic products for free radicals and reactive oxygen species

Perkin Elmer

Pierce – Gas chromatography reagents

Polymer Laboratories (Columns, detectors for HPLC)

Prolabo – VWR International

ProMab Biotechnologies The largest database of monoclonal antibodies

R & D Systems’

Resonance Instruments Ltd – NMR solutions for fat analysis in food industry

SAI – Distributors for DANI gas chromatographs

SGE Europe Ltd (Chromatography products: columns, syringes, consumables for other brands)

Scientific Software (technology and software programming)

Separex (Supercritical fluid specialist – process development, equipment design and construction)

Shimadzu – LCMS, HPLC, GC/MS


Spark Instrumenten

Stanipharm – Experts in supercritical fluids and nanomedicines (tailored drugs, botanical extracts, polymers, lipids)

Supelco (chromatographic supplies)

Thar designs – Supercritical extractions

Thermoquest (GC, GC/MS, CE, HPLC)

Tintometer Limited – Instruments for colour analysis of oils and fats

Unicam Chromatography – Thermo electron corporation

Upchurch Scientific (HPLC products)

Varian Instruments

Vydac (HPLC columns and separation products)

Waters Corporation (large database for HPLC and SPE)

Whatman (laboratory separation products)

Western analytical (HPLC products)


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