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Sites devoted to sciences and techniques



A Guide to HPLC

A.L. Consulting web site – Portal of the supercritical Extraction Technology

Biochemist on line

Bioscience on line Analytical

Chromatography Resources – All aspects (conferences, software, analytical chem. …)

Hands-on Science Centers worldwide

HPLC Column Companion – Practical advice on how to run HPLC

HPLC Doctor – Troubleshooting site, University of Lisboa

International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC)

Mass Spectrometry Resources – URL links to MS companies and their products

Middle Atlantic Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (Service of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)

OLEAN – Information on the brand OLESTRA 

Plateau Technique RMN – Métabolome – Fluxome – Lipidome

Science on line – Independent product information resource for laboratory scientists.

Separation (where separation matters)

Soft Matter World

Virtual Textbook on HPLC


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