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Databases and encyclopedia



Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology

Agricola (Agricultural Online Access) – National Agricultural Library (USDA)

Agroforestry Tree Database (World agroforestry center)

Analytical chemistry springboard (Comprehensive list of analytical chemistry resources-Umea University Analytical Chemistry

Austin nutritional research(vitamins, antioxidants…)

Banques de données pour enseignants et chercheurs (Charts on metabolism, cell signalling, cell activation …)

Biochemistry courses on lipid metabolism – THCME medical biochemistry page

Biochemical Sciences Databases (Israel Science and Technology Homepage)

Biology Dictionary


Bohlmann Files at the BGBM, Berlin -> Database of all natural substances (terpenoids, acetylenes, aromatics, alkaloids) in the plant family of Compositae (Asteraceae)

Botanical Data Overview – California vascular plants

Botanical Dermatology Database

Carotenoids data on fruits, vegetables and multi-component foods

Chemical nomenclature – IUPAC

Chemical separations (lectures presentations on.., Modern chromatographic methods)

Chemistry index/Hypermedia for Science Education

Chemistry Resources

Chemists Genealogy Database

Chirality and Odor perception (Ionones, Irones, Damascones)

Chromatography on line – Solutions for separation scientists

Conjugated linoleic acid data base

“COS” Search Medline database

Current Oilseed Production, Market and Trade

Danish Food Composition Data Bank (information about the nutrient content in the most important Danish and foreign foods)

Directory of Chemistry on Internet – The ecdysone handbook

Fats and Oils : Production, consumption, and Stocks

Fatty acid biosynthesis – Multimedia tutorial by Dr J. Baggott

Flavornet – Cornell University – Compilation of aroma compounds (many lipids)

Food-related resources

Food Science course (lipids)

Food Scientists on the web (An unofficial internet directory to personal homepages)

Glactone web site Resources (vitamins)

Glycerolipid structures (Missouri University)

Glycobiology resources

GOED’s Clinical Study Database (comprehensive, searchable database of all interventional human studies on EPA and DHA)

History of sciences

History of science – References sources

HPLC trouble shooter (The HPLC doctor) – Prof HF Chaves das Neves, Univ Lisboa

IENICA – Interactive European Network for Industrial Crops and their Applications

INFOMINE – Scholarly Internet Resource Collections, Biological, agricultural and medical sciences

Information for food technologists and food safety professionals

Internet History of Science Sourcebook

IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology (“Gold Book”)

Kegg Compound (Metabolome informatics resource integrating genomics and chemistry: lipids, polyketides, plant secondary metabolites)

Lipid Bank for Web – Searchable bank of various lipids – Japanese conference on the biochemistry of lipids

LIPIDAT – Database of Thermodynamic on Lipid Mesphase and Crystal Transitions

Lipid Maps – The LIPID MAPS Structure Database (LMSD) now contains over 43,000 entries

Lipid Molecular Structure Database (LMSD)

Lipidomics Expertise Platform – European Lipidomics Initiative

Liquid Chromatography – Handbook by Prof Y Kazakevich and HM McNair

Liquid Crystal Group Hamburg – Database containing about 1000 glycolipids and some phospholipids

MassBank of North America (MONA) – collaborative database of metabolite mass spectra, metadata and associated compounds

Mass Spectrometry WWW Server – Theory section



Membrane Lipids – Database of crystal structures (University of Missouri)

Metabolic pathways

Microbial Volatile Organic Compound Database

New Crop Database – US Department of Agriculture, Chemical composition of all seed oils

Nobel Fundation

Nobel laureates

Nomenclature of Lipids – IUPAC-IUB Commission on biochemical nomenclature

North Carolina food safety information retrieval system

Nutraqua (composition nutritionnelle des produits de la mer)

NutritionData – Food database (fast food, food additive, tools to analyze diet)

Nutrition database, Medilife, Inc

Oil World (ISTA Mielke GmbH)- Forecasting Service for Oilseeds, Oils & Meals

Oxylipin Profiling Database – Institute for plant biochemistry, Albrecht-von-Haller-Instituts, Göttingen

Pharmacology Central – A structural who’s who of pharmacology

Pherobase – Database of insect pheromones and semiochemicals


Phytochemical database

Plant hormones – Database for all known plant hormones

Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (PROTA)

Plants Database – USDA Natural Resources conservation Service

Plant for a future – Edible, medicinal and useful plants – The home of plant oils on line

Prostaglandins database

Pubmed – Medline – National Library of Medicine

Reactome – Resource of core pathways and reactions in cell biology

Resources in Chromatography – Axion Analytical

Science encyclopedia

Seed Oil Fatty Acid (SOFA) – Data base from the Institute for chemistry and physics of lipids in Münster

Signaling gateway (UCSD Nature)

SOFA Database – Seed oil fatty acids (Max Rubner Institut)

Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) – The Largest Free Collection of References

Sphingomap – Evolving pathway map for sphingolipid biosynthesis


Swiss+Lipids – A knowledge resource for lipids and their biology

This week in the history of chemistry

Tocotrienols (sources, biology, medicine)

Trans fat Infoweb Page

USDA Nutrition database

US Patent and Trademark Database

VERIS Research and Information Service (role of nutrition and health, emphasis on vitamin E, carotenoids and other antioxidants.


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